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OH, HELLO THERE!PerWiger_Headshot1_4x6

You seem to be lost, can I help you? You’re not?

It’s just that, well, no one comes around here, not on purpose. You see this is the website of a writer and actor and you couldn’t possibly…

I see. Well then. Welcome.

Feel free to browse around. The scripts and short stories made available here are completely free to download, share, and reproduce. If you’re going to produce any of the scripts please ask me first, I promise I’ll say yes.

10426856566_3e330e8ca3_oIf you have any questions about me or my work please email me at: per.remund.wiger@gmail.com

I am available for writing commissions, voiceover work, and acting for stage or screen. You can find my Resume here.

I recently placed a story with Gertrude Magazine! You can find a copy here.

I just won the Tom Garst Award for Poetry. About my winning poem Mira Rosenthal said “The distinct voice in this poem grabs hold from the start and doesn’t let go. It’s what many poets spend years trying to discover. There’s a refreshing honesty in its defiant tone and heartbreak in the truths that it reveals.” You can hear me read it here.

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