Good Soldiers

This is a play from nowhere, staring anyone. The play should be performed without fanfare in a public space (obviously, get permission from the proprietor first). The action should feel real, not theatrical, and the actors should vanish without a curtain call. When doing this kind of theatre, it’s a good idea to have one or two people who aren’t in the world of the play and can film the action/reactions and explain to the cops (if someone calls them) what is going on.

The show is written for 5 actors, but can probably be performed with fewer.

Good Soldiers

The Crucifixion at Mount Vernon

This is a bit of a different project. I recently became fascinated with the wonderfully weird medieval cycle plays. The plays are by turns reverent, hilariously bawdy, touching, didactic, and messy. They are highly localized to the town that they were staged in, and the way they were produced – divorced from time and space, serialized out of order – is as post-modern as anything we do in theatre today.

To get my head around these bizarre artifacts I wrote a snippet of my own cycle play, which I’ve attached here. I’ve also uploaded my bibliography and a short response to the project.

Thanks for reading and, as always, if you want to stage the play just do me a favor and ask first.

The Passion at Mount Vernon

Annotated Bibliography


Die Again, Die Better – 2/26

Welcome to the 10-Minute Play Project. Each week I upload a script that is designed to be performed in under 10 minutes, was written in under 10 minutes, or both.

The scripts are free to download and share. Please ask for permission before you produce any of them, I promise I’ll say yes.

The formatting on this is a bit different, I’ve been playing around with Celtx which is a nifty web based scripting program which you can find here.

Die Again, Die Better