Content? Content.

Hey, so apparently at least one actual human has seen this thing! Well, either that, or a next-gen spambot. Either way I should probably upload some actual content.

First, news; the reason I haven’t been updating is because I’ve been working (yay!). Between a couple shows at Old Creamery Theatre here in Iowa and a contract to write Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin’s memoirs I haven’t had a whole lot of brain power for the sort of short-form work that works as blog posts.

Here are a couple of audition videos I shot, not great quality but I promise I’m better live.

And here’s a little poem I wrote in the car. I tend to write poetry when I don’t have the time to do anything else. I doubt it’s of much interest to anyone (myself included) but it keeps me playing with language. Continue reading “Content? Content.”

The Tale of Lady Mary and Mr Fox – A Reading

The Storytelling Project is my first foray into recorded readings. I’m starting off with some lesser-known fairy tales as I learn my way around Audacity, and I’ll expand into my own work.

I am also taking requests; prose, poetry, silly things, sexy things, monologues… I’m not picky. All of the things I’m posting here are single takes with minimal editing, the closest approximation to live delivery I can do, but I can also do hi-fi work (audio books, voice acting, etc.).

As always, the tracks are free to download but please ask permission before you share them. I promise, I’ll say yes.

If you have a request or commission please shoot me an e-mail at or let me know in the comments.